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The path that leads to becoming a foster carer is littered with myths, misconceptions, half truths and indeed some facts too. But how do you tell them apart from one another? How do you make an informed decision about whether foster caring is for you?

I worked for Eastern Fostering Services for some time before I took the plunge to become a carer myself. I had seen many people go through the process smoothly and successfully to become wonderful carers. And yet I kept hearing the same comments from people curious about fostering, about how intrusive the process is, how long it takes, how you have to sacrifice so much. I wanted, in some small way, to change this and to encourage those who think they could be a foster carer. I wanted to shine a light on the journey into foster care, to expose the myths in the hope that we can encourage more people to take that step into somewhere new for the sake of the huge number of children who need them. I wanted to be honest about the hard bits and the victories. I wanted my journey to be real to you.

So, it is my hope that you will enjoy sharing this journey with me and that it will help you to start or continue whatever journey you’re on.